Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Roy Moore Campaign: The Washington Post Is A Worthless Piece Of Crap That Has Gone Out Of It's Way To Get To The Facts

Roy Moore
The embattled Roy Moore campaign in Alabama attempted to blur the claims of sexual misconduct by Moore by asserting accuser Leigh Corfman didn't live at the address she claimed when he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Unfortunately for Moore, there happened to be a police report from the time period that proved Corfman's claims.

Epic fail on the Moore campaign's part.

From the Washington Post:

The campaign has claimed to have found documents that show Leigh Corfman lived more than a mile from the intersection where she said Moore picked her up for dates in 1979, when she was 14 and he was 32. She says he took her to his house and touched her inappropriately. Moore has denied knowing Corfman.

“According to records the media has not bothered to look at, we’ve been able to find that Corfman’s supposed pickup place was almost a mile away from her mother’s house and would have been across a major thoroughfare,” Ben DuPré, a longtime aide to Moore, said at an event Tuesday in Montgomery. “This is yet another improbable fact in Leigh Corfman’s own words and story that the media has not bothered to investigate.”

Corfman and her mother, Nancy, told The Washington Post that they lived at the time on Whittier Street in Gadsden, Ala., around the corner from Alcott Road and Riley Street, where Leigh says she met Moore.

Nancy Corfman said she kept that address from 1974 until February 1981, when she relocated with her new husband to a house on Dogwood Circle in Gadsden, which is about a mile away across a major thoroughfare. A police report about property theft published in the Gadsden Times on March 31, 1980, listed Nancy Corfman’s address on Whittier Street.


Moore's campaign, in a tempestuous tantrum, responded saying, “The Washington Post is a worthless piece of crap that has gone out of its way to railroad Roy Moore. There is no need for anyone at the Washington Post to ever reach out to the Roy Moore campaign again because we will not respond to anyone from the Post now or in the future. Happy Thanksgiving.”

On The Anniversary Of The Assassination Of President Kennedy

Above is a transcript of the personal note Richard Nixon hand wrote to Jackie Kennedy following the shooting death of President John F. Kennedy.

As you'll recall, Nixon had been Kennedy's opponent in the presidential campaign that elected Kennedy.

On this anniversary of the shooting death of Kennedy, president of the nation Donald Trump didn't even bother to tweet (his favored modus operandi) a remembrance of the date.

In that the Donald is often compared to Nixon today, can you imagine Trump finding such eloquent words to write himself?

My Favorite Thing Today

Trump Announces Full Day Of "Meetings And Working The Phones;" Soon After Arrives At Trump Golf Course

Donald Trump hates for people to think he plays golf instead of working as our president.

The fact of the matter is Trump has now spent 77 days since taking office playing golf.

Which explains why there was a little waffling on Trump's schedule for today per the White House.

At 6:51AM, the White House staff told the press pool that this would be a "low-key" day.

But just minutes later, clearly Trump didn't like the message that sent, the WH staff corrected that statement saying "the press" would have a low-key day, but the Trumpster would have a "full schedule of meetings and phone calls."

Trump even tweeted it out for the world to see.

But at 9:26AM Trump arrived at Trump International Golf Club in Florida to play golf.

As I've said before, I wouldn't have a problem with a president playing golf occasionally.

But Trump spent much of the past 8 years criticizing President Obama for playing golf EVER.

And, on the campaign trail, Trump often told his followers there wouldn't be time for golf because he'd be so busy working on behalf of the American people.

Hypocrisy is so confusing, isn't it?

The Washington Post has composed this handy-dandy graphic showing when and where Trump visited his properties and golf courses.

Russia: Number Of LGBT Hate Crimes Doubles In Five Years After Passage Of 'Gay Propaganda' Law

By Rama - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 fr, Link
In only five years, the number of hate crimes committed against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Russia has doubled.

During that time Russian's 'gay propaganda' law was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin in June of 2013 as a tool to halt gay pride parades and harass LGBT activists.

Svetlana Zakharova, a board member with the prominent gay rights organization Russian LGBT Network, says “(Offenders) have become more aggressive and less fearful.”

“It seems to them that, to some extent, the government supports their actions. Many perpetrators openly talk about their crimes as noble deeds.”

Frighteningly, of 250 crimes that were examined, 200 were murders.

Researching records and data from judicial watchdog RosPravosudie, the number of sentences for crimes against LGBT people increased from 18 in 2010 to 65 in 2015.

Experts say the statistics don't reveal a full picture of the animus shown LGBTs as many hate crimes are not reported, investigated or prosecuted.

Russia was ranked second to last on a list of Europe’s LGBT-friendly nations in 2016 by ILGA-Europe, a network of European LGBT groups. Only Azerbaijan scored worse than Russia.


Gay-Themed "Call Me By Your Name" Leads 2017 Independent Spirit Award Nominations

This year's Independent Spirit Award nominations have been announced and the highly-anticipated gay drama Call Me By Your Name starring Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet received six nominations including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Male Lead (for Timothee Chalamet), and Best Supporting Male (for Armie Hammer).

Call Me By Your Name bows in New York City and Los Angeles this Friday before opening nationwide.

Also, Sundance favorite Beach Rats picked up two nominations, one for Best Male Lead (for Harris Dickinson) and Best Cinematography,

Additionally, French AIDS/ACT UP drama BPM (Beats Per Minute) got a nod for Best International Film, as did A Fantastic Woman from Chile, in which trans actress Daniela Vega plays a transgender singer faced with discrimination and loss when her lover dies.

Here’s the full list of nominees:

Best Feature
“Call Me by Your Name”
“The Florida Project”
“Get Out”
“Lady Bird”
“The Rider”

Best First Feature
“Ingrid Goes West”
“Oh Lucy!”
“Patti Cake$”

Best Director
Sean Baker, “The Florida Project”
Jonas Carpignano, “A Ciambra”
Luca Guadagnino, “Call Me by Your Name”
Jordan Peele, “Get Out”
Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie, “Good Time”
Chloé Zhao, “The Rider”

Best Screenplay
Greta Gerwig, “Lady Bird”
Azazel Jacobs, “The Lovers”
Martin McDonagh, “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Jordan Peele, “Get Out”
Mike White, “Beatriz at Dinner”

Best First Screenplay
Kris Avedisian, Story By: Kyle Espeleta, Jesse Wakeman, “Donald Cried”
Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani, “The Big Sick”
Ingrid Jungermann, “Women Who Kill”
Kogonada, “Columbus”
David Branson Smith, Matt Spicer, “Ingrid Goes West”

Best Cinematography
Thimios Bakatakis, “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”
Elisha Christian, “Columbus”
Hélène Louvart, “Beach Rats”
Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, “Call Me by Your Name”
Joshua James Richards, “The Rider”

Best Editing
Ronald Bronstein, Benny Safdie, “Good Time”
Walter Fasano, “Call Me by Your Name”
Alex O’Flinn, “The Rider”
Gregory Plotkin, “Get Out”
Tatiana S. Riegel, “I, Tonya”

Best Female Lead
Salma Hayek, “Beatriz at Dinner”
Frances McDormand, “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Margot Robbie, “I, Tonya”
Saoirse Ronan, “Lady Bird”
Shinobu Terajima, “Oh Lucy!”
Regina Williams, “Life and nothing more”

Best Male Lead
Timothée Chalamet, “Call Me by Your Name”
Harris Dickinson, “Beach Rats”
James Franco, “The Disaster Artist”
Daniel Kaluuya, “Get Out”
Robert Pattinson, “Good Time”

Best Supporting Female
Holly Hunter, “The Big Sick”
Allison Janney, “I, Tonya”
Laurie Metcalf, “Lady Bird”
Lois Smith, “Marjorie Prime”
Taliah Lennice Webster, “Good Time”

Best Supporting Male
Nnamdi Asomugha, “Crown Heights”
Armie Hammer, “Call Me by Your Name”
Barry Keoghan, “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”
Sam Rockwell, “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Benny Safdie, “Good Time”

Robert Altman Award

Best Documentary
“The Departure”
“Faces Places”
“Last Men in Aleppo”

Best International Film
“BPM (Beats Per Minute)” (France)
“A Fantastic Woman,” (Chile)
“I Am Not a Witch,” (Zambia)
“Lady Macbeth,” (U.K.)
“Loveless,” (Russia)

NY Daily News: Trump's With Perv

The New York Daily News on Donald Trump's support for Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore:

Nothing's worse than a liberal Democrat, according to President Trump — not even an accused sexual molester like Roy Moore.

Trump all but endorsed the Alabama Republican’s Senate bid on Tuesday, as the President made his first direct remarks on the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore that surfaced nearly two weeks ago.

“Roy Moore denies it. That’s all I can say,” Trump told reporters on his way from the White House to his Florida resort for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We don’t need a liberal person in there,” the President said, in a jab at Doug Jones, Moore’s Democratic challenger in the special election Dec. 12 for Alabama’s open Senate seat.

Trump has repeatedly dodged questions about Moore since two women came forward and told the Washington Post he groped and sexually harassed them decades ago when they were in their teens and he was in his 30s.

The New York Post had the same idea:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Former Teen Idol And "Partridge Family" Star David Cassidy Dead At 67

David Cassidy

David Cassidy, 1970s teen idol and star of "The Partridge Family," has passed away at the age of 67 due to multiple organ failure.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

"On behalf of the entire Cassidy family, it is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, our uncle, and our dear brother, David Cassidy," his rep, JoAnn Geffen, said in a statement given to The Hollywood Reporter. "David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long. Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years."

In February, the entertainer revealed that he had dementia and would no longer appear in concert in an effort to focus on his health and "enjoy life." He had fallen on stage and forgotten lyrics during a show in Agoura Hills, Calif.

The adorably handsome New York native rose to fame playing singer-guitarist Keith Partridge on Screen Gems' The Partridge Family, which aired for four seasons on ABC, from 1970-74.

The show centered on a suburban family that had a band comprised of a widowed mom — played by Shirley Jones, Cassidy's real-life stepmother — and her five kids: Cassidy (the oldest), Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Suzanne Crough and Jeremy Gelbwaks/Brian Forster.

Each episode had the family doing a song. Cassidy actually played guitar and sang and Jones provided backing vocals, but the rest of the "band" was faking it.

Cassidy and Jones performed on The Partridge Family's debut single, "I Think I Love You," which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1970 just as his new show was catching on. The single sold more than 5 million copies, and The Partridge Family went on to release eight albums.

Cassidy also fronted five solo albums, and his vocals also powered such hits as "Cherish;" "Come On Get Happy," his show's signature tune;" "I Write the Songs;" "The Last Kiss;" and "Lyin' to Myself."

At the height of his fame, Cassidy was a huge concert draw selling out such huge venues like the Houston Astrodome, Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium.

Years later, in 1996, Cassidy performed to sold-out crowds on Broadway starring in Blood Brothers, and then headlined the $75 million EFX show at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.